Canna Boss Designs is an apparel company with over 20 years experience in healthcare & the business industry. We also offer a career growth community which share training and tools for success! (Our trainings are for anyone especially newbies who may not have any business skills or actually know which niche they prefer). We are here to assist as needed!

Each month we offer a different theme within our Mystery Bags! The Canna Boss Mystery Bag also comes with some hidden surprises every month for you! Treat yourself! You deserve it (and it's a business expense!) confirm with your tax accountant. 

Meet Our Founder

Sevella Turner 

Hi there, I am the founder of Canna Boss Designs and also a mentor, coach & designer. I have always had a love for expressing myself through business and helping others find their greatness. 

I have over 20 years of experience in healthcare & business. Healthcare being my first love and business second.

Through my brand, Canna Boss Designs, my plan is to empower professionals and canna enthusiast alike by providing stylish and top quality, apparel, and accessories.

I am a self made serial entrepreneur and expert in all things business like literally most platforms! I delight in empowering you with strategies that support MASSIVE growth and ways to feel important.

For fun I love spending time with my family, traveling and simply chilling with a good book or my favorite show.

Why A Mystery BOSS Bag? 

They say 'Create what you wish existed'.

During my Healthcare & entrepreneurship journey, I have learned about struggles, fear, doubt, growth, mental health, happiness & joy!  

Except I learned the old fashioned way by trying out a variety of tools, gadgets, hacks, services and of course multiple products depending on the business I was in at the time.

I was trying to figure out how to help others not go through so many struggles, fears & of course doubting themselves during their journey.  That's when I came up with the idea of curating a MYSTERY BOSS BAG full of HealthCare, Career Doodles, Stickers & Canna apparel plus business tools so you are not on this journey alone. 

A Mystery Boss Bag and a community, seem like the perfect way to give you the best value especially when you are feeling some kind of way about what you are doing. 

You will receive a Mystery Boss Bag full of surprises to wear and use in your business this will take you from being stressed and overwhelmed to simply feeling like you can do what you are meant to do in this life!  

Why a community ?

When starting or scaling your business we all know it can be a bit overwhelming and somedays challenging especially if you are in business by yourself. 

We can sometime feel disconnected from others, lonely, anxious, depressed and that is why this community was created to share our fears, ups and downs....

This is a community that supports you and any questions you may have in business, design or whatever comes to mind.  Once you join the community you will have many ears to listen to whatever it is you have to share.  We are here for YOU always!