“Wild Bloom Strawberry Kiwi Delta 8 Sweet-Tarts

Wild Bloom is a company in Austin, Texas USA which sells CBD and Hemp products to women across America.

We got to work with Wild Bloom on their branding. 

The branding story we created with them was simple black and white design with a pop of colour depending on what product packaging we were working on.

Our mouth waters when we think about the Strawberry Kiwi flavour and we really wish we could try them!

“Canna Boss Designs, has been absolutely beautiful to work with. You can feel that they truly care about helping your vision come to life. Not only are they some of the kindest people, but their attention to detail is astounding. I will continue to work with them on all of my projects moving forward and grateful for the work that she does.”

-Danielle Aubrey Smith with Wild Bloom


CBD Packaging Design