Melistic Health and Wellness Branding

When Mellisa came to us she was already selling Welleda products and she wanted to launch her own CBD brand to sell to her existing customers.

She has also started a Health Coaching course which she will be finishing in 2022. She wanted the brand to focus on women’s health using botanics, essential oils and other natural products that help women with their overall wellbeing and lifestyle.

Her business name is a mix between her own name and holistic, so we gave her a brand that not only catered to women, but also focused on the natural beauty of botanicals.

“Canna Boss Designs took what I was thinking I wanted and put it into practice with our branding.

I have worked with them on a few different projects and it is magical the way they pull out of your head what you want and put it into a design package that really portrays what our company is all about. They just “got” us.

We will use Canna Boss Designs for all of our design needs, because we KNOW they can and will deliver.”

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