HempBoxx Branding

This company provides monthly subscription boxes filled with hemp goodies. They wanted a clean design featuring a hemp leaf and the colour green.

After their initial consultation we determined that their ideal client is those that are already purchasing Hemp and CBD products, so we gave them something a bit different to other Hemp and CBD brands by giving them a classic, crisp and clean design.

We also kept the colour pallet and font choice really simple for an easily identifiable look.

“Canna Boss Designs took what I was thinking I wanted and put it into practice with our branding.

I have worked with them on a few different projects and it is magical the way they pull out of your head what you want and put it into a design package that really portrays what our company is all about. They just “got” us.

We will use Canna Boss Designs for all of our design needs, because we KNOW they can and will deliver.”

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