Puff Pass & Create Hat Bar Parties!

Welcome to Puff, Pass & Create your #1 place in Denver to learn how to customize your hat and/or have your own personal party!

This hat party is the perfect addition to any special event, party or gathering. Our custom parties include a full trucker bar set up with patches, hats, chains pins & more! 

With our dedicated team of hatender experts, we curate the perfect event by providing the ideal mix of products, atmosphere, and education. From Intimate gatherings, Corporate functions, Private parties, Club Promo's, Paint N Snife, Weddings, BBQ's, Divorce parties to anything you can imagine; we will make it happen! 

Puff, Pass & Create isn't about making the perfect piece of product. It's about being part of an atmosphere that is relaxed, comfortable, open-minded, and allowing yourself to freely create your own original masterpiece. Creators and cannabis-usersor non cannabis users of various levels of expertise and from all over the world attend Puff, Pass & Create to experience a sense of community in an intimate, inspired setting & fun place.

We pride ourselves on our exceptional service delivery, ensuring you have a memorable and stress-free event that meets your goals.

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"Denver Puff Pass and Create!

Puff, Pass & Create Private group parties, birthdays, celebrations, team bonding, industry events, and much more.

Fire up your creative side with our private hat parties! We come to you at your own private venue!

When you book your private PPC party, we’ll supply your group with all of the  supplies you need to create your masterpieces, as well as an experienced instructor to teach you step-by-step and keep the creativity flowing! You can just worry about having cannabis-fueled fun with your friends, and leave the planning, setup, and clean-up to us!

What's included in our events:

  • We create for a 2 hours with one to two of our talented hatenders
  • A variety of hats, patches, chains & canna if you want it at the party 
  • All the supplies you need to create your masterpiece
  • We will setup and cleanup with our team

A minimum of 8 people is required to book a private event

Contact info@puffpasscreate.com for inquiries, date availability, and to schedule your exclusive PP&C event. 

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 The First Ever Cannabis-Friendly Hat Parties!