It’s all about YOU!
Our passion comes from helping you feel good about YOURself in every way possible.
We don’t do for ourselves as much as we do for others.  And we need to!  It recharges our batteries and lets us come alive and be present for ourselves and loved ones.
Especially if it's one of those down days... ya know?


What Our Subscribers Are Saying 


This box is so well done. It’s not about the hustle culture. It’s about succeeding in what you do and remembering that you are a person. Plus The customer service is absolutely amazing!!!! I am so glad I decided to join this subscription. - Monica B.

I joined this monthly subscription and yesterday I received my first box! I'm absolutely in love with it! This is a different kind of subscription, it's to empower the dopest person. I have a job but that doesn't mean I can't benefit from what these products have to offer. Can't wait to try them and share more testimonials. Thanks


If you haven’t signed up yet for a Cannapreneur Boss monthly subscription box yet, you’re missing out!! Amazing quality products! Love everything so much!!! 👏🎉 Feels so personal too with the personalized log and handwritten note ❤️ Jessica K.



I actually got the box for a friend of mine who just got her first job and she absolutely loved it! Her favorite colors are blue and red so she definitely loved it all haha 💖👏Rac L 

My Goal
My overall goal is to help anyone who struggles with their mental health, and bring more awareness and normality to the subject that has an unspoken rule to remain private about. Time to change that.
        My Purpose
So why did I create a business surrounding the idea of mental health & cannabis? My younger brother had mental health issues for years.  I have several family members as well who suffer from mental health issues. 
 I personally overthink everything - so I created this brand to share knowledge based clothing. 

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A Monthly Subscription With Unique Super Soft Tees
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What makes our T-Shirts special is our unique designer process. Each T-shirt is created with love.  

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The Canna Boss Box is the world's first monthly box for anyone to boost their business & get fun, trendy, functional and unique items

Each box includes 5-8 mystery items, handpicked
by Sevella, and of course, at least one item has 
your logo on it items  

Our Mission

To provide items that encourage people and support customers to dedicate more time with family & themselves monthly

Our Vision

To continue spreading knowledge, inspiring and empowering you to incorporate self-expression in our products.  

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